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This is the second and final edition of 50.

I was eating ‘cream prawn spiral total poncho wave alkaline’ when I realized my tongue was lapping and my teeth smashing through a bunch of floating leptons. My brain disintegrated and was rebuilt a few times. Am I reading? Am I Raymond Sebond reincarnated as a dadaist funnel? Probably I am at least moving through a statistical poetics of transtemporal and transpatial dimensions. With each dialectical pulse between lyric and list, Raal gives content to form rather than vice versa. The result is beautiful - unintimidated, even, by a return to Kantian disinterest. No, I can't say for sure I know what’s going on in The Adverse Keys, but I do know that when they use whatever new machine learning is available to analyze the poems of 2022, this is going to fuck up their results.
--Jennifer Soong author of Near, At (Futurepoem, 2019)

If you are wise enough to see Losarc staring back at you through this text, then don’t look away. Enter “the crackling blue slit of fame” with him, in Anahata, in a “peer to peer octagon fire Illuminati orange grove sacred bay of trogons.” The vibratory muscle of The Adverse Keys is on full flex here; I could quote any part of the book, and you’d see that “there are times when the green rope above emerges and bites of perversions lost and medium sway.” I could quote the whole book, in fact. In fact, that would be the perfect blurb: to print the entire book on the back of the book. That would be the perfect tribute to the “voyeur of the new life” whose “outer animal boils over into the artistry of campaigns by whim.” - Carlos Lara, author of Like Bismuth When I Enter (Nightboat, 2020).

Losarc Raal is a writer and editor originally from Varna, Bulgaria. He is the author of two chapbooks [SELF-SELECTIONS] (Trainwreck Press; 2021) and The Poetry of Carlux Carluxlax (Reverse Catfish; 2022). A pamphlet, Dead or Alive, is forthcoming from The Creative Writing Department in 2022, and his quasi-novella NO MATERIAL is forthcoming from Black Sun Lit in 2023. He was tyrant over the poetry and arts journal NOMATERIALISM [2020-2022]. He is currently composing two full-length manuscripts entitled NOTHING and TROBAR CLUS, respectively. He has lived in Brooklyn, Greece, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia, and he currently resides with his wife and sons in Los Angeles, CA. Email him at [email protected]
IG: @nomaterial_ism

$10, plus shipping. 13 pages, heavy-duty stapled, printed on Sweet Tooth French Paper card stock. Second edition of 50 copies. Set in Grotesk BT and designed by The Aliens.

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