Flynt / Saijo / "Labor" bumper stickers


1) "I Can't Hear You! I'm Listening To Henry Flynt's Atmospheric And Hypnotic 1986 Avant-Garde Hindustani Tape Music Drone Cassette 'You Are My Everlovin'/Celestial Power'" 🌀 A celebration of Flynt's iconic '86 "album." Good for letting people know where you're at (mentally, sonically).

2) "I WOULD LIKE TO WIPE OUT THE ARBITRARY SOCIAL SYSTEM THAT SAYS THIS IS ALL OK" 🌀 From enigmatic poet & pot farmer Albert Saijo's 1997 lyrical memoir OUTSPEAKS.

3) "I'd rather be withholding my LABOR." An old classic. Tell the truth!

Each bumper sticker is $5. When ordering on the this site, please indicate the sticker you'd like in the order notes section! Thank you.

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